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Privacy statement and disclaimer

As organisers of the Interreg TRANSUNIV project, we really value your privacy. For us that is more than a legal obligation, we see this as a moral duty. That is why our website uses no cookies at all. You need to share no personal data to use our website. And when you explicitely decide to send us personal data, you can be sure that we will store it safely and we will not sell your personal data to others.

This is the privacy statement and disclaimer for all content on the website (hereafter: "Website"). It was last updated on 6 July of 2020.

The Website is created by Norsu BV, Marcel Thirylaan 194, 1200 Brussels, Belgium, for the organising partners of the Circular Economy Innovation Brainstorm and Bootcamp in the context of the Interreg TRANSUNIV project. This project unites 6 universities: KULeuven Campus Kulak Kortrijk, UCLouvain FUCaM Mons, UGent, ULille, UMONS, and UNamur and Norsu BV as moderator of the brainstorm and the bootcamp (hereafter: "We" or "Us")

Personal data

You can use this website perfectly without sharing any personal data. However we have some registration forms and online tools which you can use to share data with us, if you like to do so. In that case we will receive and store personal data like your name and your email address. We will never share this information with any other party. We will safely store it and only use it to contact you linked to the information you have shared with us.

You can request this personal data, have it changed or have it removed completely via a simple request to Please provide proof of your identity when doing so.


Cookies are small text files that some websites use to store limited amounts of data on your computer.

We do not like cookies ourselves, so we decided to completely avoid cookies on this Website.

However, on some pages of the Website we refer to content on external websites, e.g. Youtube or Google, that require cookies. In that case we show you a clear warning before any cookie is sent to your computer. You can then choose to proceed at your own risk.


In any relationship with customers, suppliers or partners, we do not tolerate any discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion, political preference or whatsoever.

Intellectual property

The information provided (text, images) is copyrighted by law, so that the information may not be reproduced or communicated without our prior written permission. All applicable intellectual property rights are therefore reserved.

Content: text, images, links

The content of this website (text, images, links) is intended solely as general information. We make every possible effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, but cannot be held liable for damage that may arise as a result of incorrect or incomplete information. We reserve the right to change the content at any time, as well as to delete all or part of the information.

Applicable law

This privacy statement and disclaimer is governed by Belgian law. All disputes that arise that cannot be settled between parties will be submitted to the Dutch speaking courts of Brussels, Belgium.